Wine Harvest Experience in Bombarral - West Coast

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Have a wine harvest experience in Portugal West Cost

This tour happens in Bombarral (45 min from Lisbon).

We relive in the gastronomy of the West Coast the most diverse historical influences that have been here throughout the centuries. In it we can build a bridge connecting Europe to stories from the Far East; stories of spices and sugar, of victories, conquers and maritime discoveries. The maritime landscape simultaneously imposing and delicate is home to a cuisine rich in fish and shellfish, sampled in the sunny terraces of cities and small towns. A coast painted in blue. The sea harmonizes the seasoning of dishes with the freshness of its fruits, brought by the hands of fishermen master; fruits that repair our souls with stone drops of salt…

The West (called LISBOA as far as the demarcated wine region is concerned) has a long history in national viticulture. This region’s vine area is made up of traditional grape varieties and the most famous international ones.

What is included:

  • Transportation
  • Welcome coffee with regional products
  • Walk through the vineyards
  • Special lunch
  • Visit & touring through the old centre of this fishing town

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