Quinta Alvarinheira - 3 Days Experience

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Deep in the interior of Portugal, there is a farm that is attempting to bring new economic life to the area. Our farm is a “micro-village” of activity in the zone where “value-added” products are slowly replacing the traditional agricultural practices. During your visit you will see how at the farm these new activities exist side-by-side with traditional ones. Moreover, we invite you to visit our display of old farming practices and rural economics. While in the town of Oledo, you will also get a glimpse of the life and people of Beira Baixa, including the option to visit the important landmarks of the area: Monsanto and Idanha-a-Velha.

Location: Castelo Branco

Duration: 3 days  Number of people: 2 to 20 pax


Our experience will include:

Day 1

  • Arrive at the farm
  • Settle into rooms
  • Farm guided tour and surrounding countryside
  • Liquor making - demonstrate & participate 
  • Dinner at the farm
  • Movie - reflecting traditional farm life in Portugal

Day 2 

  • Breakfast
  • Tour of exhibit " Alvarinheira 1950s "
  • Traditional breadmaking in the bread oven
  • Picnic lunch in horta
  • Jams/confections - demonstrate & participate
  • Walk through Oledo (self-guided) or walk through countryside to overlook (self-guided)
  • Dinner in traditional restaurant - Oledo

Day 3 

  • Breakfast
  • Area visit - Monsanto / Idanha Velha
    • (Optional - there is additional of transportation, tickets, etc.)
  • Demonstration of fruit grafting
  • Departure

Our farm is a 120 year old house and farm that once dominated many hundreds of surrounding hectares of the crop lands surrounding it. Since then the economics of agriculture has changed and today the quinta is a fraction of its former self, though we continue to harvest fruits and vegetables, and provide pasture for dozens of cows and sheep.

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We are happy to receive you among our bedrooms in the main house and the bunk beds, where you can enjoy a wonderful stay.

Room Amenities

– All of the rooms have access to the common kitchen and the various living rooms of the house
– There is central heating and air conditioning available
– Soaps, towels and basic amenities are included
– Crib available for babies
– Simple breakfast of coffee, tea, and pastries in the morning
– Full kitchen facilities are available for any guest to use

Quinta Alvarinheira Accomodation

Quinta Alvarinheira - Master Suite

Farming house

Quinta da Alvarinheira - Vasco Room

Farming House

Quinta da Alvarinheira - Mariana’s Room

farming house

Quinta da Alvarinheira - Attic Room

Farming House

Quinta da Alvarinheira - Lourdes’ Room

Farming Experience

Quinta da Alvarinheira - Bathroom

Farming House

Quinta da Alvarinheira - Bathroom

Farming House

Quinta da Alvarinheira - Kitchen

Farming House

Quinta da Alvarinheira - Kitchen

Farming House

Quinta da Alvarinheira - Pool

Farming House

Quinta da Alvarinheira - Night View


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