Banana Farm Experience

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Our farmer is a producer of banana from Madeira, this one, is a subspecies of banana originated and grown extensively on the island of Madeira, traditionally smaller than the South American banana but accentuated on the palate.

You can embark on interesting tour that will take them closer to a banana tree. In the farm you will spend part of their glorious time to learn how banana trees are planted, identify various varieties and species of banana grown on slopes of Madeira Island.

After the farm experience, see and learn how different varieties of banana are used by local people. This session will take you to learn everything about banana of Madeira

Location: Câmara de Lobos (20 min from Funchal)

Duration: 3 hours   Number of people: 2 to 10 PAX

Our experience will include:

  • Arrival at the farm and welcome by the producer
  • Guided tour of the farm
  • Workshop cleaning / maintenance of a banana tree
  • Harvest your own bananas
  • Tasting bananas and honey cake from Madeira with wine / water

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NOTE: After booking we will send all the details of the reservation, as well as the location of the farm and the contact of the farmer.

If you wish to propose another day or time for the experience, send us a message: and we will do our best to reschedule, or we can include one more experience for all day.


Guest photos:

Banana Farm Tour

Banana Farm Tour Madeira

Banana Farm tour

Banana Farm Experience Madeira

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