Hydroponic Farm Experience

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Our farmer is mainly engaged in the production of horticultural and aromatic plants in greenhouses, supported in the innovation of a system of production called hydroponics in NFT (Nutrient Film Technique), with an area of about half a hectare. The challenge included a detailed analysis, business and market prospecting, work follow-up, dynamization of work methods and teamwork, always with the aim of sustainability, streamlining and designing the root vegetables.

Tasty food, the vegetables can be prepared with many and varied dishes, pleasing to all palates. In addition to being rick in vitamins, minerals and fiber, vegetables also have bioactive compounds that protect against degenerative diseases such as diabetes, various types of cancers and cardiovascular diseases.

Hydroponics is a subset of hydroculture, which is the growing of plants in a soil less medium, or an aquatic based environment. Hydroponic growing uses mineral nutrient solutions to feed the plants in water, without soil.

Ready to grow without soil?

Location: Torres Novas (60 min from Lisbon)

Duration: 3-4 hours   Number of people: 2 to 20 PAX

Our experience will include:

  • Arrival at the farm and welcome by the producer
  • Guided tour of the farm
  • Sowing and harvesting experience
  • Offer of Hydroponics products


  • Transportation from Lisbon

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NOTE: After booking we will send all the details of the reservation, as well as the location of the farm and the contact of the farmer.

If you wish to propose another day or time for the experience, send us a message: hello@portugalfarmexperiences.com and we will do our best to reschedule, or we can include one more experience for all day.


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Farm Tours

Farm Tours

Farm Tours

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