Sintra Wine & Local Wineries Experience

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Colares wine boasts an incomparable history from the birth of the nation through the writings of various figures such as Eça de Queiroz and Lord Byron. Vines which are planted in sandy soils and maritime climates must be handled with great care and must be cultivated in small-scale vineyards which are worked manually.

As well as being produced under very special microclimatic conditions, these vines come from native grape varieties such as Ramisco (red) and Malvasia de Colares (white) and are highly appreciated by some of the most respected names in international oenology. As a result of the combination of human and viticulturist factors, each bottle constitutes a very special heritage and is a veritable collector's item.

Discover the wines of Sintra in a family-estate property in a local winery. This is no typical Sintra Tour; rather an unparalleled wine experience in this magical area and ocean-coast.

Location: Sintra (20 min from Lisbon)

Duration: 1 day  Number of people: 2 - 6

Experience includes:

  • 09:00 am - Lisbon pick-up from your accommodation
  • Visit to 1 winery & 1 wine-estate in Colares area
  • Wine tasting included (4 different wines in 2 wineries in the area of ​​Sintra and Colares)
  • Stops at Sintra/Cascais coastal areas
  • Lunch a-la-carte at a recommended local restaurant
  • 07:00 pm - return to Lisbon & drop-off to your accommodation


  • Adults & Children:
    • 2 Pax» €162/Pax
    • 3 Pax» €129/Pax
    • 4 Pax» €112/Pax
    • 5 Pax» €102/Pax
    • 6 Pax» €97/Pax
  • Young Child: Free
    *Ages 5 & Younger*

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Guest photos:

Wine Sintra Tour

wine tour sintra

wine sintra tour

Sintra Wine tour

Sintra Wine Tour

Sintra Wine tour

Sintra Wine Tour

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