Wine Harvest Experience in Vidigueira - Alentejo

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One of the most important Portuguese poets, Florbela Espanca, born in Vila Viçosa, described Alentejo in a passionate way, as is the case of the poem “My Alentejo”.

It is a region that arouses passions, that awakens our soul and makes us want to know more and better. Alentejo is one of the most beautiful regions of the country, requires a long narrative, with a continued presence and attentive in time and space, something that cannot be revealed here at all. The region breathes a history steeped in periods of turmoil and peace. A land where culture and tradition go hand in hand. There is something profoundly reinvigorating and redeemer in Alentejo, in the endless space, the vastness of the plains with large oak trees, the wide sky in a spotless blue, the infinite horizon and, obviously, in its people, the quiet people, honest and proud of Alentejo.

NOTE: Wine Harvest Program held between August 20th & Sep.20th 2019 – Mondays to Fridays

Location: Vidigueira (90 min from Lisbon)

Duration: 1 day   Number of people: 2 to 6

Experience includes:

  • 07h30 am – Transportation - pick-up at the clients accommodation
  • 09H50 am – Arrival to wine-estate in Vidigueira
    • Walk through the vineyards with explanation on the different wine-grape varieties;
    • Grapes hand-picking;
    • Light pic-nic amidst the vineyard with local petiscos (Smoked sausages & cheeses board, Alentejo regional bread, olives, green portuguese tempura “peixinhos da horta”; guadalupe estate-wine & fresh water)
    • Guided visit to the winery & stage of basement & wine tasting;
  • 01h00 pm – Special lunch the wine-estate restaurant with wine pairing dishes:
    • Appetizer: Water-melon gaspacho & fried fish with rosé guadalupe wine 2018
    • Main Courses: Brased tuna & green salad with guadalupe winemaker ́s selection white wine 2017 duck maigret with sweet potato purée, red fruits, watercress & red onion pickle with quetzal reserva red wine 2015
    • Dessert: Board of alentejo conventual sweets with quetzal rich white 2014
  • 03h00 pm – Departure to the Roman Villa of S.Cucufate – I AC
  • 03h10 pm – Arrival
    • Visit & touring through the ancient Roman Site (3 EUR p.p. paid directly by the Client)
  • 04h10 pm – Departure
  • 06h50 pm – Drop-off at clients lodging

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Guests Photos:

wine harvest experience

wine harvest experience

wine harvest experience

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