Seedless Grapes Farm Experience

Quick Details

Seedless grape and wine tour near Beja

Ferreira do Alentejo (20 min from Beja)

What is included:

  • Reception and seedless grape tasting (during the harvesting season)
  • Visit to the packing facilities
  • Tractor ride through the vineyards
  • Lunch under the vineyards to the sound of live traditional music (Cante Alentejano)
  • Offer of a traditional basket with a box of grapes
  • Lunch includes soup, select dish, regional sweet, waters, juices, local wine, and coffee.

Minimum party of two required to book

Our Producer
In the heart of the Alentejo, our producer has created a magical space where vines grow closely watched by the most experienced eyes and are cared for by the most delicate hands. The grapes are distinguished by the unique flavour and texture: Crunchy, sweet, and absolutely irresistible.

The grapes are protected throughout the year, using the most advanced production techniques so that in the summer they grow beautiful and sweet, making them the delights of those who taste them.

The Natural Conditions
The immensity of flat horizons allied to the geographical location offers the Alentejo Mediterranean and continental characteristics favorable to the production of grapes. Over 3.000 annual hours of sunshine and warm weather, with temperatures above 35°C in the height of summer, are reflected in the maturation of grapes with an accumulation of sugars that makes them particularly sweet and with a strong and mature color.

The production
Our producer is currently the largest national producer of table grapes with a production area of about 250 hectares and 13 grape varieties of high quality. The methods of production are based on the pergola system consisting of tall vineyards covered by networks and plastics that promote a microenvironment favorable to the development of the grape.

The Grapes
Our producer currently has in production 13 varieties of grapes including six with grainha and seven without grainha. Continually thinking about the future, we also contemplate a vast experimental field where some of the world’s most renowned grape varieties are being tested and, when their viability is guaranteed, they become options to be considered for cultivation in extension and commercialization.

If you want to learn more about grape picking near Beja, local vineyards, and grapes, book this seedless grape tour online today!