About us

We bring you unique, authentic farm experiences that transport you to the heart of Portugal’s traditional agriculture. Leave daily routine and deadlines behind for a day to discover the rural habitat of our country’s beautiful countryside, and reawaken your senses with an extraordinary adventure - whether that is in wine, animals, shiitake mushrooms, olive oil, cork, fruit or a farm-to-table experience. While relaxing and tasting local food and wines, you will uncover ancient traditions, recipes and cultures; taste genuine products and participate firsthand in their production process.

We are passionate about reconnecting our visitors with nature. Through contact with the land, your love of nature, curiosity about past times, and interest in traditions helps protect and cultivate agricultural practices dating back thousands of years through Portuguese history. Our experiences are for people who don’t care to get their hands dirty, that want to take their interest in food and its origins one step deeper. Inspire your nostalgia as well as your innovative side, and come away with an alternative holiday experience that is impactful and unforgettable.


Team Portugal Farm Experiences

 Estêvão Anacleto 

 I love to explore new places through local experiences. Sharing farming experiences with travelers is one of my top favorite things.


Co-Founder Portugal Farm Experiences

Francisca Carvalheira

Besides my special taste for finances, I also love to travel and Asia it’s my favorite destination.


We are a Portuguese online marketplace, where you can book Unique and Authentic farm activities. Farm-to-Table, Wine Tasting, Olive Oil, Cork, Organic Farms, Fruits and Animal Experiences.