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Rural Tourism

Agrotourism in Portugal

Rural tourism or agrotourism is a form of tourism that aims to enable everyone to have a more direct and genuine contact with nature, agriculture and local traditions through home-based accommodation in a rural and family environment.

Come and see the rural side of Portugal. Be in contact with the earth with the purest air and know productions that go from the snails to the sweet grapes. We have put together 10 experiences that we think you will like

Farm of the Future

Visit a farm that uses precision agriculture, in the production of about 520 hectares of corn. The producer is located in the heart of Ribatejo, where it exploits more than 500 ha (hectares) to produce mostly maize.

It´s a family business where management is already in the 3rd generation. This farm is a great user of the latest technologies for agriculture.

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Corn Farm
boa farm tour in lisbon

The Boat Farm Experience

Cross the river Tejo by boat and lad directly on a farm with more than 100 hectares. Come and discover this paradise in the heart of Ribatejo.

With great work and dedication the producer produces varied crops in 100 hectares of land, from corn, vegetables, peanuts, grapes among others and even horses, this is in fact an unusual property, right next to the river Tejo. Come and visit a practically unknown paradise in Ribatejo.

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Taste sweet Grapes

In the heart of the Alentejo, the producer has created a magical space where vines grow closely watched by the most experienced eyes and cared for by the most delicate hands. The grapes are distinguished by the unique flavor and texture. Crunchy and sweet are absolutely irresistible. The grapes are protected throughout the year, using the most advanced production techniques so that in the summer they grow beautiful and sweet, making the delights of those who taste them.

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Raspberry farm experience

With about 1.5 hectares of greenhouses, this production supports 10,000 raspberry plants grown in ridges, being in its first year of production.

Family-friendly production, located in an area with a privileged view over Sintra mountain range, perfect for a unique experience in the countryside 20 minutes from Lisbon.

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Lisbon tours

Visit a Shiitake Mushroom Farm

You will live an incredible experience! This farm is characterized by being family-friendly, where the family “Lopes” based on human and ethical values, combines the experience of the elders with the irreverence of the younger.

Its products are completely organic finding the entire production process certified by Naturalfa.

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Live the secret life of snails

A farm in Torres Novas creates and markets snails as well as “Helix Aspersa Máxima” fingerlings in an adapted complete biological cycle. All the production is carried out in an agricultural greenhouse with irrigation systems by nebulizers, in order to guarantee the ideal temperatura and humidity for the growth and development of the species.

The greenhouse is composed of 12 fenced parks seeded with radishes, cabbages and turnips and with an average of 460 shelters in appropriate wood.

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Enjoying a Shiitake Mushroom Farm

Collect your own aromatic herbs

Get acquainted with biological aromatic herbs in a field of 4 hectares, among several varieties, lemon thyme, lemon verbena, peppermint and common mint. The dedication and care is constant, ensuring the quality of plants and growth with the best conditions, allowing healthy and balanced crops, without chemicals and additives. Have a cutting and collection experience and in the end provide an infusion.

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Harvest Strawberries

Come and harvest strawberries directly from the strawberry, in a homemade and unique production, whose quality will not go unnoticed.

There are two strawberry ranges in production, both of which offer a guarantee of quality in taste, combined with the taste of the palate, which adds the visual taste through the superior shape and size for incorporation in professional preparation, restoration or in high quality confectionery.

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Visit an Organic Farm 

Despite the long agricultural tradition of the producer, the construction of a greenhouse with three naves was the driving force for the start of the Bio-pleasant campaign.

With an area of 2000 m2, climate control system, automatic top and side opening system and automatic irrigation, made the greenhouses the farm exlibris. A place where every day is sown and harvested not only high quality products but also quality of life.

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Organic Fruit farm tour

Visit a farm of Autochthonous Breeds

Meet a producer of Portuguese Autochthonous Breeds , who has already won more than 80 prizes!.The mission of the producer is based on two fundamental principles, the preservation of Portuguese autochthonous breeds and right agricultural practices, through the practice of sustainable organic farming.

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