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Responsible Tourism in Portugal

Support the Responsible Tourism visiting local farms

Portugal, like many countries, has been experiencing hard times. Unemployment and taxes have gone up, wages down. But the temperament of its people means Portugal has reacted largely with sad resignation rather than the anger and violence seen in places like Greece. New tourism initiatives are increasingly seen as one way to improve Portugal’s well-being, emphasising how much more there is than fly-and-flop Algarve resorts which for too long have embodied many people’s idea of a ‘Portugal holiday’ – along with city breakers hitting Lisbon and, to a lesser extent, Porto.

The country’s dazzling history is boosting cultural tourism, spurred by the European City of Culture mantle given to Lisbon in 1994 and Porto in 2001. Sintra glories in its UNESCO World Heritage status, while beguiling cities like Evora and Coimbra are attracting new visitors. And rural Portugal is finally being recognised as a tourist beacon for responsible tourism in Portugal. Regions like Alentejo and Douro highlight gastronomy, craft and history, while celebrating timeless agricultural traditions. Wildlife is also being put in the spotlight for responsible tourism in Portugal, from birds in the south to wolves in the north.

The Portuguese are perhaps the kindest and most welcoming people in Europe, and are keener than ever to share life in one of the continent’s loveliest countries. Hard times just mean they will be especially pleased to see you.