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Things to Do and See in Portugal

A complete guide to one of the most laid-back and friendly destinations in Western Europe : Portugal!

There is something so charming about Lisbon’s light, its creative energy and its inspiring startup scene that makes it an exciting place to be right now. Boasting some of the warmest winters in Europe (and some of the sunniest days), Portugal also makes for a perfect getaway during the colder months. It may be small, but this beautiful country has an enormous amount of magic to offer—partly due to the kindness of its people; wherever you go, there is a warmth and an eagerness that emanates from the locals who cannot wait to share the best of their country with you.

The Atlantic Ocean makes up for a big part of the Portuguese identity, and adds to the country’s laid-back and relaxed energy. From its cities to its beaches, castles and palaces, spectacular landscapes and miradouros (viewpoints), to its charming hotels and farmstays and farmexperiences (some of which can include an incredibly luxurious train experience), there are so many reasons to visit Portugal year-round.

Here, 60+ reasons why you should be making plans to visit this timeless and magical corner by the sea very soon–not in order of preference, but in the order that suits the ideal drive around the country.