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Experiences in Portugal

Cool things about Portugal

From Douro River cruises to Port tasting, Portugal offers terrific experiences that should be on every traveler’s list. Here are Fodor’s top picks for a memorable trip.


Brightly colored ceramic tiles adorn numerous fountains, churches, and palaces, including the Queluz National Palace, throughout the country.

2- Taste sweet Grapes

In the heart of the Alentejo, the producer has created a magical space where vines grow closely watched by the most experienced eyes and cared for by the most delicate hands.

The grapes are distinguished by the unique flavor and texture. Crunchy and sweet are absolutely irresistible.

The grapes are protected throughout the year, using the most advanced production techniques so that in the summer they grow beautiful and sweet, making the delights of those who taste them.

Book this activity here.

picking up grapes tour

3- Port Wine Tasting

Near Porto, you can tour the caves that store Portugal’s most famous drink. Top off the experience with generous tasting sessions.

4- Raspberry farm experience

With about 1.5 hectares of greenhouses, this production supports 10,000 raspberry plants grown in ridges, being in its first year of production. Family-friendly production, located in an area with a privileged view over Sintra mountain range, perfect for a unique experience in the countryside 20 minutes from Lisbon. Book this activity here.


5- Pousadas

Spice up your trip with a stay in a pousada. These lodgings in restored castles, monasteries, and historic buildings meld luxury with regional charm. Check here our Accommodations options.

6- Visit a Shiitake Mushroom Farm

You will live an incredible experience! This farm is characterized by being family-friendly, where the family “Lopes” based on human and ethical values, combines the experience of the elders with the irreverence of the younger.

Its products are completely organic finding the entire production process certified by Naturalfa. Book this activity in Arcos de Valdevez and Torres Novas.

7- Madeira

The unique natural beauty of this subtropical island includes mountain summits cloaked in hazy fog and cliffs that plummet seaward. Check our tours on Madeira here.

Enjoying a Shiitake Mushroom Farm

8- Sintra

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the town of Sintra teems with gorgeous palaces and gardens. The surrounding hills form a romantic backdrop for its historic charms. Check here our Sintra tours.

9- Live the secret life of snails

A farm in Torres Novas creates and markets snails as well as “Helix Aspersa Máxima” fingerlings in an adapted complete biological cycle. All the production is carried out in an agricultural greenhouse with irrigation systems by nebulizers, in order to guarantee the ideal temperature and humidity for the growth and development of the species. The greenhouse is composed of 12 fenced parks seeded with radishes, cabbages and turnips and with an average of 460 shelters inappropriate wood. Book this activity here.

10- Évora

One of Portugal’s best-preserved medieval towns, Évora has fortified walls and winding cobblestone lanes lined with Roman and Gothic architecture. Check here our Evora tours.

11- Lisbon

The vibrant capital encompasses cobblestoned streets; funicular railways; world-class museums; and top-notch dining, shopping, and nightlife scenes. Check here our Lisbon tours.

Aromatic Herbs tour in porto

12- Collect your own aromatic herbs

Get acquainted with biological aromatic herbs in a field of 4 hectares, among several varieties, lemon thyme, lemon verbena, peppermint and common mint.

The dedication and care is constant, ensuring the quality of plants and growth with the best conditions, allowing healthy and balanced crops, without chemicals and additives.Have a cutting and collection experience and in the end provide an infusion.

Book this activity here.

13- Beaches

Take your pick of beautiful beaches—from windswept surfing hubs to unspoiled, sheltered coves—on the long Atlantic coastline.

14- Fado

Don’t miss a performance of this unique musical style at a fado house. Singers croon plaintive tunes to soulful Portuguese guitar accompaniment.

15- Cafés and Pastelarias

You’re never far from a café or pastry shop in Portugal. Be sure to take frequent breaks to savor coffee and delicious pastries like pastel de nata, an egg-custard tart.

16- Hilltop Villages

Fortified medieval walls, narrow streets, dramatic castles, and spectacular views of the countryside make these stunning settlements irresistible.