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Portugal Farm Experiences

Best Farm Tours with Real Farmers in Portugal

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Are you a Foodie?

Portugal offers a rich and diverse culinary scene, making it an excellent destination for food tours. Here are some popular food tours you can experience in Portugal!

Whether you’re exploring the historic streets of Lisbon, savoring Port wine in Porto, or indulging in fresh seafood in the Algarve, Portugal offers a culinary adventure that’s sure to delight food lovers of all tastes.

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About Portugal Farm Experiences

We are a Portuguese online marketplace where you can book unique and authentic farm activities. Enjoy the best of agritourism in Portugal and visit cool farms with local producers.

We offer farm-to-table, wine tasting, olive oil, cork, organic farms, fruits, and animal experiences in Portugal. Book your farm tour today!

Five-Star Reviews for Our Farm Experiences

Portugal tours
"Great experience"

We went to the organic aromatic herbs farm and had fun and learned a lot. We also had a really good infusion tea! Stephen made us comfortable and explained everything very well.

– Fritz_the_1st on TripAdvisor
lisbon tours
"What an amazing experience!!!"

We had an amazing experience! Lovely time smelling and getting to know all about wine. Looking forward to the next one! Hugely recommend Portugal Farm Experiences!

– Hugo_Francisco on TripAdvisor
enjoying the snail experience
"Snail tour"

It was a fun experience. Warm and friendly host and farmers. Gain knowledge on snails life span, and how it becomes on our dining table.

– siubecca2016 on TripAdvisor'
lisbon tours
"Loved it!"

Having just arrived in Lisbon, we thought this tour would be a good way to get to know the countryside and we weren't disappointed. Perfect old winery... and the farmer was really friendly! The wine = fantastic! We will do more tours for sure. Thank you PFE!

– rib_diana on TripAdvisor
tours in portugal
"Spectacular Snail Farm Tour!"

The snail farm tour was so much fun. The snails were charismatic, Estevao and Clara (the farmer) were wonderful companions and educators, and our lunch was delicious. It was well worth the price and I'd easily sign up for another tour when I next come to Portugal! Thanks again, Estevao!

– SophieB4907 on TripAdvisor