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Food “Super” That Are Not Super …

With this title it is quite possible that you might be thinking about super-foods like: goji berries, acai, spirulina, coconut oil, cocoa, pollen, chia seeds, and even green smoothies. All these have one thing in common, are rich in micronutrients and bioactive compounds (that’s what laboratory tests say) and for this simple reason are associated with particular properties for our health. Watch out

But the most important thing is to eat real food (vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts, whole grains, vegetables, eggs, fish, meat …) and good quality, that is, ecological and reliable. The true super-foods are all vegetables, that is, products that the garden gives us: green, red, yellow, orange …, roots, leaves, tubers. The vegetables should be consumed every day at least twice a day. What?

Without going into detail, which gives us the garden in each season, as fresh as possible. Plants cultivated without pesticides, with natural fertilizers, respecting periods of maturation, without preservatives for the storage, these yes they are pearls of nature. They have more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and others and their regular use makes us more resistant to diseases and helps us to adapt to the environment in which we live.

Do you think this is a difficult task especially if you live in big cities like Lisbon or Porto? Already there are options for everyone. We could buy in supermarkets bio, but expensive … or we could talk to producers and ask them to send us a weekly basket … But the best option is to have producers that allow us to go to a farm and choose the products we need. If you have children, it is an activity that they enjoy and that allows them to be in touch with nature. This yes, it is a real luxury, it is a luxury that there is no money that can pay. Ah! and it’s cheap! At where? –

Let’s enjoy nature and its products !!! They are the best remedy for our physical and mental well-being.

Be a farmer for a day!

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