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Sustainable Tourism – The future of travelling

Sustainable tourism is defined as “tourism that respects both local people and the traveler, cultural heritage and the environment”. It seeks to provide people with an exciting and educational holiday that is also of benefit to the people of the host country.

Sustainable Tourism must, above all, seek to reconcile the wishes of the tourists with those of the receiving regions, guaranteeing not only the protection of the environment, but also stimulating the development of the activity in harmony with the local society involved.

Developing tourism in a sustainable manner implies actions that are socially just, economically viable and ecologically correct, that is, that meet the economic, social and ecological needs of society.

Importance of sustainable tourism in the present day.

Sustainable tourism emerges as an alternative to mass tourism, as it is concerned with the number of people who will visit the receiving regions. In this sense, tourism planning and management must be attentive to environmental, cultural and social issues, seeking to minimize the impacts of the activity and making the local residents economically and socially inserted.

How can the tourism entrepreneur contribute to the sustainable development of tourism?
Through the Planning of its activity, the entrepreneur must seek solutions that contribute to the sustainability of his activity and of society, thus generating benefits not only for his clients, but also for the place in which he is inserted.

To do so, the entrepreneur should seek alternatives that minimize their impact, such as water reuse, energy and water savings, among others.

Key factors to be observed in tourism planning:
– non-adoption of mass tourism;
– develop structures compatible with the environment in which they are to be installed;
– demonstrate to the client the profile of tourism that is intended to develop.

What forms of tourism can contribute to the sustainable development of tourism?

Nature tourism, rural tourism and ecotourism are considered tourism modalities that are more sustainable because they develop in harmony with the place. However, tourism in a sustainable way must be developed by all, as failure to meet this new reality will cause many destinations and enterprises to be economically doomed, since they will lose their attractiveness due to the negative impacts caused by their enterprise.
This fact is already observed in several places, precisely because there are no public policies and commitment of companies with effective tourism sustainability.

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