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What is Slow Tourism?

Travelling is an activity loved by all. For it is a getaway, from your daily hustle bustle. Following that strenuous routine continuously can abrupt one’s peace. All of the responsibilities towards your work, family and other miscellaneous worries is damaging. Today, lets talk about Slow Tourism

Not only does the workload affect you physically but mentally also. This may result in unwanted anxiety and takes a toll on ones behaviour too. Unnecessary frustration may cause problems in your social life.

An exhausting job can disturb your body functions. May also lead you to snap quickly at even the smallest of things. Irritation destroys the will to value and appreciate.

To get rid of this mental state, go one a holiday. Enjoy to your fullest. Because every one of you has deserved it. Take your family along, even they need a break from the same old. Travelling is a medicine to your body and soul.

Why Slow Tourism?

Meeting new people, trying different cuisines, exploring places is fun. When you meet new people, you are availed to new faces.

These identities give you an insight on their memories of times of joy & sorrow. You grow as you listen and share. All of the experiences you get to hear give you knowledge; after all, isn’t that our very purpose of existence?

There is no problem in this world which cannot be solved on a full stomach, some unknown told me this once. Comfort food reaches to your heart.

The mesmerising smell of vivid spices is always successful in bring back some memories. Mouthing watering servings of vibrant colours take your taste buds on a ride.

Arriving on a new destination and claiming land, even of the temporary time being gives us a thrill. That racing heart beat at the sight of an elegant landscape is what we live for. Running fingers through gushing water, smelling the fresh earthly mud, resting under a canopy and listening to the hymn of the flocks and swallows is breath-taking. Travel is what we tell you.

People listen to our advice and go out on a vacation. Maybe a small plan in a weekend. Travelling to the destination takes a few hours, same goes for the return. Once they reach, they are too exhausted to visit point of interest. Resting for a day, and leaving on the next one just doesn’t make sense.

You go out to free your mind but all you do, is go and return feeling like you need to go on another vacation. Why not plan an elongated getaway which is a sooth for your soul? Yes, we are asking you to ‘Travel Slow’.

What is Slow Tourism?

Slow tourism, is what people like to call it. It has no specific definition as such. It does have a history though. It all started from the Slow Food movement in ITALY. Established by the respected Carlo Petrini who promotes the idea of consumption of Quality Organic Food sold at fair rate. Benefiting the consumer as well as the producer. A fair ideology, if you would ask us.

Slow tourism is based on similar thoughts. It is a culture that has grown exponentially in these past few years. What it basically is, to enjoy a place from the point of view of the locals. It asks of you nothing but to spare a few precious days, to explore. Slow tourism is all about living in a place at a slow pace.

Discover is what it asks of you. Travelling hasty gives you a glimpse of the entirety of what a place has to offer. Hopping locations is hectic. You are again on a schedule here. What difference does it have from your daily life?

Visiting the most famous locations doesn’t mean you have actually visited the place. Go there and explore. Learn the routes to those hidden spots from the locals. Venture out about in the locality.

You would find, there are serene locations which offer you peace. You’d know once you get there, is that you rediscover yourself.

Transcend is what it wants to tell you. The purpose of your outing is to achieve calm. Peace of mind is what you seek. But instead, by travelling ‘fast’, you end up even more tired. That can give you a goodnight sleep for a day or two. But what after that?

When you visit a place, slow tourism is recommended to help you absorb the vibe of the nature. Everything around you emits an energy. The most positive vibrations are felt in the wake of mother earth. Travel to embrace it. Get engrossed in rhythm. So for your return gives you a level headed sooth and a lasting smile.

Benefits of Slow Tourism:

  • Inculcate is what it wants you to do. Yes, we are full of something non-existent. That certain something drives you on a schedule. Strains you mentally and physically. Stress is what we call it. The daily fast life of ours give a heavy dose. Slow tourism wants you to live slowly.
  • Taking in the experience, and living it fully is essential. Get involved by living like a local. Eat local, shop local, stay local. Talk to the residents, make friends and leave with memories. The only thing you take back with you are memories.
  • Time is what it wants you to give. You could only get familiar with you locality after living in a place for quite long. So how to you expect to get to know a different locality in a minimum amount of time? No one like to only take a bit of something delicious and leave the rest of it.
  • Slow tourism is all about giving time to a place. Destinations have a lot to offer. Many loving and warm people, elegant and pleasing views, ancient traditions and superb food. But only with time at your hand, can you witness them all. For time is the only real currency we pay in. What a location can give you, only time can tell.
  • Slow tourism has certain norms. These are to enjoy your experience of your stay. No, we are either giving you a schedule or boring to do’s. What we are trying to help you with are some suggestions. Maybe be these can help you enjoy better?
  • Take a long off from your schedule when you are planning slow tourism. You may live at a place and grow fond of it. If you have a spare week, utilise it to enjoy even more.
  • Opt to live in rentals and houses. This is also cost-effective and lets you submerge in the local culture.
  • Start by exploring the areas nearest to you. Once you are done, visit location of interests around you. Find out about more places where you can go from the locals.
  • Choose this time to go organic and eco-friendly. Indulge in buy from local farms and shops. You can go work towards the development of the area around your temporary home.
  • Meditate. It will help you absorb the vibe and keep yourself refreshed. If you are not in the habit of it, you’d get the hang. New places always help you learn things better.

Most importantly, live slow. Venture out to explore only in your leisure time. Remember, you are on a holiday to relax. What matters the most is you!

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