Visit a Shiitake Mushroom Farm

Visit a Portuguese Shiitake Mushroom Farm

Visit a shiitake mushroom farm, learn how to make it, pick it up yourself, and in the end indulge yourself with a tasting. You will arrive at the mushroom farm and we will introduce you to the farmer. After the presentation, we will walk through the farm to see the shiitake mushrooms and all the equipment and special techniques for harvesting. This is a true experience, so you will have a workshop about ” mushroom inoculation” and you will pick your own shiitake mushrooms. The farmer will teach you how to taste shiitake mushrooms, and explain what makes good mushrooms —and what makes the bad stuff, too. During the lunch on the farm, you will see all the mushrooms dishes: risotto and homemade sauteed. You will end this day with a wealth of knowledge about production techniques, history, and the freshness, intensity, and variety that high-quality mushrooms can offer.