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10 tourism trends for 2018

The book by Mark J. Penn and E. Kinney Get out Microtrends: The Small Forces Behind Tomorrow’s Big ChangesĀ  says that microtendency are those little forces that are behind the changes of tomorrow. It seems a rarity in a world that seeks global explanations for everything.

1- Bleisure micro-trend: travel for work and enjoy leisure time

One of the latest trends in tourism is the bleisure and that refers to combining a work trip with a bit of leisure.

“Bleisure” whose name comes from the combination of the English terms business and leisure or “business with leisure”, is a type of city tourism since work meetings are usually held in cities and however flexible it may be your itinerary, the most likely is that you stay in the city and perform tourist activities within it.

This niche market is made up of 67% of business travelers who often take a “mini-vacation” when they have to travel for work.

In fact, according to the report recently made by MasterCard and IE (“High value city tourism”) more than half of workers who travel for business, extend their stay in one or more days to do some tourism and thus take advantage of the travel.

2- Micro-tendency Traveling alone: the experience you have to live once in your life

Although in the collective imaginary remain reticence to the travels of women alone, especially to certain destinations, this has become a market on the rise.

3- Micro tendency for unusual and unconventional cruises.

The search for activities where this practice can be carried out has increased by 52% with respect to previous years. The data also reflected that a large number of men and women opt for a vacation where they can go to places and make it completely nude. Among them the male sex had 35%, while females made up 17%.

4- Micro-tendency to travel to childhood

According to a study by Booking, which has combined the opinions of 128 million guests with the searches of hundreds of thousands of travelers, there are some trends and among them travel to childhood destinations that you visited with your parents.

Past times may have been the best. Therefore, 34% of travelers choose to return to the places where they enjoyed their vacations when they were children. The most nostalgic are the members of the Millennial generation, of whom 44% would like to return to the destinations of their childhood.

5- Micro-tendency to travel aunts and nieces

PANK (Professional Aunt no Kids) are these unmarried aunts, who enjoy a job and a stable economic situation and who have not had children because they have decided so.

They are those cultured carnal aunts, of young spirit, who often take care of and take to the park their nephews or who go of trip with their adolescent nephews offering them an alternative plan of vacations much more interesting than the one that their parents pose to them.

6- Micro-trend: travel to destinations based on TV series or movies.

Another interesting trend is related to film tourism: one in ten tourists book their vacations based on TV series, Game of Thrones.

7- Micro-trend: astrotourism as a sustainable tourism modality.

Another of the micro-tendencies that I believe will be strengthened in 2018 is undoubtedly the bet of some Starlight Tourist Destinations: they are visitable places, which enjoy excellent qualities for the contemplation of the starry skies and which, being protected from light pollution , are especially apt to develop in them tourist activities based on that natural resource.

8- Micro-trend: traveling on foot or for sports

According to the Booking study; On the other hand, more than a quarter of travelers (27%) will consider doing a vacation they experienced as children next year, while 56% of travelers say they want to go on foot in 2018.

9- Micro-trend: Silent and slow tourism, the alternative to overcrowded holidays

The tendency is to bet on sound landscapes and not absolute silence. Being in communion with nature, practicing agricultural activities know the less crowed part of the country.

Bet on the “Silent Tourism”, a mix between the tranquility, relax and nature that transmit their landscapes and address as a concept of interest to different markets, such as Chinese or in the elderly segment, where the search for these sensations They fit perfectly.

10- Micro-trend: spiritual tourism

Another modality and tendency associated with silent tourism are retreats of silence. These are lodgings that organize programs of several days in which they seek to remain silent. Its objective is clear: concentration, attention and the right words. There are retreats of silence all over the world.

Be a farmer for a day!

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