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Tourism in the Rural Area

Tourism has more value for the economy, employment, exports and investment in Portugal than in the rest of Europe and even in the world. A study by the World Travel and Tourism Council, which analyzes the economic impact of the sector in 184 countries, shows that while the contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is 5.8% in Portugal, in Europe it is 3.1 %, and in the world of 2.9%.

In addition to the specific weight of tourism in the national economy, INE-National Institute of Statistics and Tourism of Portugal, IP have been confirming sustained growth in recent years with double-digit growth, a rare case in our economic reality …

It is also verified that this growth is transversal to the main indicators like: increase of guests, increase of overnight stays and increase in about 15% of the value of the average daily that is a very important data for the investor.

At the same time there is a very positive evolution in all aspects, with a growth of indicators, accompanied also by a growth in the quality of the offer, the type and variety of service provision, in the improvement of customer service with more tourist knowledge and markets source. Now the demand is no longer limited to traditionally tourist areas, but extends to other regions that are not as well known as the Douro, Alentejo, Center and Beiras.

This sustained development is not indifferent to several specific conditions of the country and the Portuguese that are so pleasing to tourists and are expected to remain effective for many years: good weather, security, vibrant cities, 900 years of culture, rurality, welcome and acknowledged sympathy.

For these and other reasons, this is the right time to invest in Tourism.

What is the concept of Tourism in the Rural Area?

Today we are going to focus on Rural Tourism, which is a vector in full development and with high rates of profitability. To explain the concept, nothing better than indicate its basic characteristics.

So Tourism in the Rural Area should be:

  1. Located in rural spaces understood as the areas with traditional and significant connection to agriculture or environment and landscape of a strongly rural character;
  2. Considered as a set of activities and services carried out and provided for remuneration in rural areas, according to various types of accommodation, activities and complementary services of animation and tourist diversion, in order to provide customers with a complete and diversified offer;
  3. On a rural scale from the point of view of the size and architectural features and building materials typical of the region;
  4. Linked to the so-called traditional social structures, that is, those that preserve the gregarious characteristics, values, ways of life and thought of rural communities based on models of family agriculture;
  5. Sustainable development insofar as its development should help to maintain the rural characteristics of the region, using local resources and knowledge derived from the knowledge of the populations and not be an instrument of urbanization;
  6. Differentiated according to the diversity of the environment, the economy and the uniqueness of history, traditions and popular culture;
  7. Personalized welcome and in accordance with the tradition of receiving well from the community in which it is inserted.

What are rural tourism ventures?

Country house
The country houses are situated in villages and rural areas that provide accommodation services to tourists and are integrated, by their moth, building materials and other features, in the typical local architecture.

Village tourism
When five or more country houses located in the same village or parish or in contiguous villages or parishes are operated in a single entity, they may use the designation of village tourism, without prejudice to their ownership. more than one person.

Self catering apartments
Agritourism undertakings are situated on farms that provide accommodation services to tourists and allow guests to follow up and learn about the agricultural activity, or participation in the work developed there, in accordance with the rules established by the person responsible.

Country Hotel
The hotels located in rural areas which, due to their architectural design and construction materials, respect the dominant characteristics of the region where they are located, and can be installed in new buildings that occupy a whole building or integrate a single architectural entity and respect the same characteristics.

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