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Green And Sustainable Cities? This Already Exists, It’s Called Field!

Surely you thought a thousand times: we must go more to the field, we must take the children so they see that lettuces do not grow in the supermarket. It would be great to get out of this fast, stressful life, full of packed food and fast food. Eating things that make us feel good, spending time with family and friends, doing things with our bare hands, being outdoors more ..

We had the same problem, we lived in a big city, we have children that the greenest they saw for weeks was the grass of the rotundas. Life was always lived in a hurry. But we like good food, quality products (which need not be fancy or expensive) produced with care, fresh vegetables, homemade bread, all without intermediaries. Discover what a beanstalk is, how the cheese is made, or what it feels like to tread grapes. Why were we as far from living as we like?

Why not put consumers in contact with producers? Participate in the whole process, can directly buy quality products, crafts, go to the best possible supermarket: the origin!

Campónio a place where we select for all, authentic moments, unique activities and handcrafted products. We have the perfect plan, spend a morning, an afternoon, a day visiting farmhouses, greenhouses, agricultural productions near your city. You will have the opportunity to meet Joaquim, Clara, Manuel … They will teach you how to produce food with love and respect for the land. You can participate in agricultural activities, or know the different stages of the process. And then, take home the delicious products that have just been picked and buy others at a good price without intermediaries.

You can come with your soul mate, with a group of friends, alone or with your family. All the experiences that we propose are perfect to spend moments together. Want to know all the activities we have for you?

Be a farmer for a day!

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