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From The Dream, From The Idea, To Reality

It all begins with a dream, but what do you do to keep that dream alive, until you get to the day you become part of reality?

June de 2016

Sowing We all know the importance of adopting a healthy diet through the daily consumption of foods that are not harmful to our health. But how do these foods come to our tables? Where and how were they planted? How were they harvested? What path did they take to the place of purchase? Was it wasteful? Do you know the true origin? These are questions for which we almost never have answers. And what to do? Give everyone the opportunity to know the processes that involve the products that we consume daily, through a platform that connects each of us to the real producers. No, it is no longer a dream, Campónio its born.

October of 2016


A great idea is not enough to succeed, these are free and come up constantly, but putting them into practice is the most difficult.

The NERSANT – Associação Empresarial da Região de Santarém carried out the first Startups Acceleration Program, which consisted of an innovative and condensed time program that, in just 8 weeks, sought to support entrepreneurs in accelerating their projects and in the financing meeting, aiming at a faster operationalization, entry and consolidation of the business project in the market. Our participation allowed us to develop our business model and define strategies for the creation of the company and the business.

November of 2016


We participated in the 1st Business Ideas Contest of the Ribatejo Empreende project, a program run by Nersant and co-financed by COMPETE2020, which aimed to promote qualified and creative entrepreneurship and support entrepreneurs in the creation and consolidation of new companies in Ribatejo. This first competition, focused on Heritage, Tourism, Cultural and Creative Industries and Valorization of Endogenous Resources received a set of 30 applications. And the big winner was …

Febuary of 2017


Can you draw an astral map, or schedule, of a company as if it were a person? The company was born under what sign and with what ascendant? Can this influence business success? We do not know, but it is a fact that like its creator, under the sign of Aquarius, the Farmer Experience – Animação Turística, Unipessoal Lda, company holding the mark Campónio.
Business Astrology aside, from the dream and the idea, this project has become a reality, we will continue to learn and progress every day, we will evolve and we want to walk our path of authenticity, making known what is done in our country, the our traditions and customs.

We are an online platform that translates into a differentiating concept in the market, the enjoy of authentic experiences directly with real producers. These experiences will allow customers to get to know and participate in the whole process that involves the products of the field, from its origin, collection, to its confection, and also through contact with animals.

Be a farmer for  a day!

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