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What Is The Future Of Organic Foods?

It seems the organic phenomenon has been sweeping markets all over the world. More and more people have been switching to healthier, pesticide free versions of their favorite fruits, vegetables, meats, and even snack food. But what about ten or twenty years from now? Will the organic food phenomena last or fade away?

Chances are good that traditional agriculture will stick around. While conventional agriculture degrades the environment and is not likely to work well in the long term; it is still much more profitable than organic agriculture. Using chemicals increases yields and decreases losses; so it increases profits. That means that as long and were capable of keeping up this type of agriculture, some people probably will. In the long run there will always be people who choose the easy option over the more environmentally friendly one. Plus, with increased need for large amounts of food due to the expanding world population; we will soon run out of room to grow enough crops to feed everyone if we only use organic methods, but this doesnt account for food waste that is occurring in many first world countries.

So, does that mean organic is going to ride off into the sunset along with all the other health food fads? Probably not. Organic agriculture has been around a while and continues to gain steam. You used to have to search high and low to find organic products. Now some of the worlds largest supermarket chains are stocking all kinds of organic products. More and more people are becoming concerned not only with the health of their families, but also with the health of the environment. This type of agriculture may become more prevalent as we become more aware of the negative environmental and physical effects of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, hormones, and other chemicals. On the worldwide front, studies have shown that families who use organic agricultural in developing countries actually make more money than traditional farmers in the same areas and have a higher standard of living.

Since neither type of agriculture seems to be going anywhere, its likely the two will have to coexist in the future. The ideal situation would be that both methods were used in conjunction with each other depending on the environmental, financial, and political situation. This way, people can have the benefit of increased yields from traditional agriculture along with the health and environmental benefits of organic agriculture. The problem with this theory is that the two sides are unlikely to reach a compromise and work together any time soon. These two different mind sets will probably be at odds until it is absolutely necessary to make changes.

While organic agriculture may not be able to take over the world and solve all the environmental and dietary problems we face; it still has the ability to make an impact. If we each do our part by buying organic food and other products, and educating others about this valuable type of agriculture; we can make at least a small difference in the future.

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