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Organic Farm Experience

Quick Details

Enjoy an organic farm experience in Portugal

Mafra (30 min from Lisbon)

What is included:

  • Arrival at the farm and welcome by the producer
  • Guided tour of the farm
  • Experience of harvesting season products, realization of staking
  • Farm sweets tasting and a surprise toast offer

Minimum party of six required to book. If you’re a smaller party, please contact us.

Our Producer
Despite the long agricultural tradition of our producer, the construction of a greenhouse with three naves was the driving force for the start of the bio-friendly campaign. With an area of 2000 square metres, climate-control system, automatic top and side opening system and automatic irrigation, the farm is an impressive place to visit, where high-quality products are sown and harvested daily.

The Products
Share our enthusiasm for a high-nutritional feed, without fertilizers or pesticides, with an incomparable flavor. The products are varied and range from vegetables such as chard, celery, lettuce, pumpkins, potatoes, and beets to fruit such as oranges, kiwi, lemon, apple, pear, dried and fresh herbs, nuts, honey, and jam.

Why bio-agriculture?
Reduces toxic load: Keeps chemicals out of the air, water, soil, and our bodies
Reduces, if not eliminates pollution.
Protects future generations.
Builds healthy soils.
Preserves the true taste of food.
Supports all farms, regardless of size.
Promotes biodiversity.
Celebrates the culture of agriculture.

Join us on this organic farming tour and celebrate bio-agriculture where it is practiced. Book online today!