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Madeira Food & Wine Walking Tour

Starting at €83 | 3 Hours | Parties of 2 to 10 | Funchal

Quick Details

Adult (16+ years)

Enjoy an Madeira Gastronomy and Wine Tour!

We believe our gastronomy and wines are a huge part of our culture. This Tour invites you to taste the city of Funchal. With all due respect to museums, in this tour, the “museum” is the city itself and the food tastings and drinks are the pieces to be enjoyed.

Gastronomy and wine are the heart and soul of Madeira Island. Our Food & Wine Walking Tour invites your clients to have fun and experience the city´s food and wine through the eyes of a local.

Authenticity is a big deal for us, so, we really try to show a local’s insight in this tour so that everyone feels like a true Madeiran for a few hours. Our 9 stops are a mixture of modern and traditional places where locals actually go, combining our classics with off-the-beaten-track places.

What you can expect

The first stop is at a Madeira Wine Producer. Madeira island is best known for its fortified wine for over 500 years, which is why this tour must start off with a Madeira wine tasting. In Madeira no matter what it is always past 5 o’clock!

Next stop, a local favourite, a restaurant where everyone will taste a homemade dish called “Carne de vinha d ́alhos” (pork marinated with garlic and wine) traditionally served at Christmas time in Madeira. Along with this delicious dish we ́ll taste the locally produced beer “Coral”, a lager type beer of a pale golden colour, loved by locals.

Following on to our 3rd stop of the tour: a Madeiran chocolatier with delicious treats that combines irresistible chocolate with typical local flavours.

Continuing with sweets we move on to our 4th stop: a well-known cookies and sweets factory in Madeira. This factory is an all-time favorite and classic where all Madeirans go to, specially during Christmas time!

After tasting all of these mouth-watering sweets, our 5th stop is next: a restaurant where we will taste our Madeira table wine and crostinis made with local products and flavours.

A typical old Madeiran grocery store is stop number 6, where we can shop for spices, beans, potatoes…and taste the famous Poncha, a much-loved drink by the locals of many flavours being the most typical one consisting of sugar cane rum, lemon and sugar. Locals always say that “In Madeira, if you have a cold, a fever, a broken heart… Poncha is the medicine”.

Our 7th stop is our famous Farmer’s Market. Inaugurated in 1940, this building will showcase and abundancy of flowers and all the seasonal exotic fruits that grow in Madeira, some we probably may have never even seen in our life. Take time and contemplate all the beautiful colours and scents…
Here, we will also encounter our bustling fish market and get to see how some of the fish that we will taste or tasted look like.


Our 8th stop is our little surprise right inside the market. Smell, touch, taste and challenge your taste buds while discovering our local, seasonal and may we add delicious fruits!


On our last stop is in the charismatic old town Funchal where you’ll taste a typical and popular dish amongst the locals, Garlic Tuna accompanied by fried cornmeal and the famous flatbread with garlic & parsley butter. Our local soda is offered to accompany this tasting and will not leave you disappointed!

After booking we will send all the details of the reservation.

If you wish to propose another day or time for the experience, send us a message: and we will do our best to reschedule, or we can include one more experience for all day.


madeira food and wine tour
We thoroughly recommend! EatLike a’Local

We thoroughly recommend you start with this tour! On our first day in Madeira we booked the 3 hour Wine & Food Walking Tour in Funchal. Isabel, our guide, was so knowledgeable and our walk included an interesting history of the island and the Portuguese, descriptions of the fabulous trees, buildings and streets, as well as the delicious tastes of Madeira, Uaucacau chocolates, espada, poncha, tropical fruits, among others.. so many unique flavours. And lots of tips and info you can only get from locals. Excellent value, and a great introduction to Madeira.

madeira food and wine tour
Highly recommended! Eat & Walkabout

Early this year we took the Food & Wine Walking Tour in Funchal. It was excellent! Roberto our guide was full of local knowledge, and of course the food & wine! As a foodie, this tour was the perfect introduction to the gastronomy of Madeira. I highly recommended you do this tour when you arrive. Obrigado and we will be back very soon for more!

madeira food and wine tour
Excellent experience! Jade Hudson

We did the Funchal food and wine tour with Isabella, she was a fantastic tour guide - very knowledgeable and friendly. It was a very relaxed pace, allowing us to take in the atmosphere of each place. The stops were well selected and we could not recommend this tour enough.