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The Secret Of A Good Experience

When someone one day starts an adventure of starting a business, it values ??the investment, the means with which it counts, revenue forecasts, working hours, the potential economic benefits … In our still short way, one of the main pillars of our are the producers. People who barely know each other have decided to get into this boat with their eyes closed. And it’s been lucky to meet them and have them as fellow travelers. They saw in us, as we have seen in them, the will to change, to demonstrate that there are other ways of living, eating and relating. They wagered without hesitation on a project that did not even exist and encouraged us to stay together.

If one day a celebrity invited us to work on a healthy eating project, it was easy to say yes … But the merit is to say yes when strangers come to your door and say “Hello, we have a new project that does not have a website yet, and we would like you to be the main protagonist, explain how it works, why your products are special and let them participate. ” We were expecting a lot of nons, but instead we had a lot of “count on me”.

As our producer of aromatic herbs they promptly opened our doors and showed us their facilities..on our mushroom producer who taught us how to grow on eucalyptus logs..the strawberry producer who promptly presented us with a box of delicious strawberries..and our snail producer who cooked sublime in our pilot visit ..

We will tell you many things about all of them, because Redneck, is much more than a place to find interesting experiences. We want to be a real community, where producers and consumers continually interact. You will know what happens on the exploration of your favorite producer at different times of the year and will share all this news. But today we just want to say.

Thank you!

Be a farmer for a day

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