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The Fashion Of Craft Beer

We want with this post to present our brewery artisan, which represents everything we look for in the producers of our project. People like him, who treat their art with passion, their work with love, affection and with much fun. Our beer was born as a hobby, in the post-work endeavor to make a beer that our producer really liked to drink and enjoy. Proving that lack of time is not incompatible with good work, very quickly this product has become a great example of recognition, having recently been awarded.

In a small room of 10 square meters, our producer makes the whole process of confection, preparation, fermentation, bottling and labeling. Each step is carried out with the utmost care. Our producer is convinced that this trend is much more than a fashion. He came to stay, this being a different product of the best known industrial drinks, when consumers taste, learn to value and are willing to pay a little more for the quality and variety of flavors, which until now had been very little explored. And it is not that craft beer is the new relic of many bars.

Your experience experience will give the opportunity to know this microbrewery and live in direct all the processes, such as the mixing of malts, the addition of hops, the fermentation, until maturation and bottling. There will be a proof of the different malts that are used, learning to distinguish the flavors and their influence in the final drink. And finally, we will have an aperitif with the offer of a bottle of 75 cl beer, where you can take it home and enjoy it in your home. What else can we ask for?

Be a farmer for a day!

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