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Agroecology Farm Experience

Starting at €39 | 1 Hour | Parties of 1 to 5 | Montemor-o-Novo

Quick Details

Adult (12+ years)
Child (0-11 years)

Enjoy an ecologic and sustainable farm tour around Montemor-o-Novo (Évora)

We invite you to get in touch with the diversity of a unique ecosystem. A landscape full of colours, smells, stories, sounds, and living beings that surprise us along all the seasons of the year. The inspiration of the Montado is accessible for everyone. As is the reconnection with nature.

Visit and dive into the Natural System, learn about flora and fauna and the unique characteristics of Alentejo, and celebrate a heritage meant to be everyone’s. Get to know this special farm, one hour drive away from Lisbon, in a quest for sustainability based on the principles of Agroecology.

What we will do:

  • Arrival to the farm and welcome;
  • Aboard our electric vehicle, listen to what our guide has to tell you about what you’re most interested in;
  • Visit to the farm: Agroecology and biological agricultural production, agroforestry, acorns, the transformation of Montado, conservation and alteration of foods and adaptation to climate changes.

What is not included:

  • Transportation to the farm

After booking we will send all the details of the reservation.

If you wish to propose another day or time for the experience, send us a message: and we will do our best to reschedule, or we can include one more experience for all day.


organic farm tours
Really nice tour! Marta Jesus

Everything about Alentejo is pretty magical. Everything here is suppose to be biological and sustainable, which is so cool. The tour in the property was entertaining and we got to see a lot of animals!

permaculture farm tour
Delightful people everywhere!!! Renato Mueller

One of the best places to get your organics from and really charming to relax and escape the summer heat. +Delightful people everywhere!!!

organic farm tour
Beautiful place! Kaśka Maciąg

Beautiful place, fantastic people, breathtaking nature & wonderfull food

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