Madeira Wine Experiences at Blandy's Wine Lodge

Quick Details

Madeira winery tours & Blandy’s Wine Lodge visit

Funchal (City Centre)

What is included:

The Premium tour (45 minutes) covers the making of barrels at the Cooperage, the transformation of grapes into Madeira wine, brasilian satinwood storage vats and a tour of our museum with unique items from the history of Madeira wine, followed by a tasting.

The Vintage tour (one hour) will give you a much more detailed knowledge of the aging of our dated wines, including a visit to the huge vats in the Leões Room, the Cooperage, a chance to see the vintage process in the “Canteiro” lodge and an exclusive view of the Blandy family’s private collection of unique vintage Madeiras, followed by a tasting in the Vintage room.

  • Cooperage
  • “Canteiro” Lodge
  • Vine to Wine
  • Satinwood Vats
  • Museum
  • Tasting two wines

This experience will give you the opportunity to explore 200 years of Madeira wine. Available from Monday to Saturday, the tours visit the various areas of the lodge, finishing with a tasting.

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