Organic Farming & Fruit Tasting Experience

Quick Details

Taste the fruits of Portugal during this farm experience

Ribeira Brava (Fajã dos Padres) – 20 min from Funchal

What is included:

  • Access trips by cable car
  • Guided visit
    • Walk along Fajã dos Padres for about one hour, focusing on aspects of the local life and history, organic farming, viticulture, animal farming, and the evolution of access infrastructures such as the old pedestrian paths, the pier or the cable car
  • Group farming activity
    • Depending on the time of year and the farming calendar
    • Can be adapted to specific interests of the group
      • Planting or harvesting vegetables or aromatics, picking mango, avocado pear, Surinam cherry or other fruit
      • Composting
  • Taste of locally produced organic subtropical fruit
    • About two varieties of fruit, varying throughout the year
      • Banana, passion fruit, mango, papaya, avocado, surinam cherry, and occasional curiosities such as “araçá,” fig, “tabaibo,” or melon-passion fruit.

Minimum party of four required to book

Our Producer

Our farm is an organic farm with a unique location by the sea, on the south coast of Madeira Island.

The access to the property is done by a state-of-the-art cable car that comfortably transports visitors along a huge cliff over 300 meters down to Fajã dos Padres on an incredible trip that lasts about three minutes.

The upper station of the cable car is located in Quinta Grande, at the road level, and has some parking spaces which are complemented by the possibility of parking along the access road. The lower station is located at Fajã dos Padres, about 500 meters from an exclusive pebble beach and the local restaurant.

A small pier and a solarium invite for a dive in the sea. The sea is normally very calm, with transparent waters and with a mild temperature. There are showers and cabins available to visitors.

Our Farm

Our farm has a restaurant opened for lunch. The restaurant is known for using locally grown organic products and for serving especially fresh fish. It has a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea.

The guided visit at Fajã dos Padres travels along ancient paths opened along with the orchards of subtropical Portugal fruit trees, often covered by vineyards of Malvasia, the noblest grape variety of the famous Madeira wine.

During the farm experience, visitors get to know the history of Madeira island, and the process of organic farming a number of subtropical fruits, some quite exotic. Particular emphasis is given to the history of the vine and wine of Madeira, and the reasons for having promoted this culture throughout the centuries in this remote but so fertile piece of land.

At Fajã dos Padres, nine small houses were rebuilt for tourist use. Today they receive guests who have the possibility to experience a stay in this singular place of huge and dramatic natural beauty.

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