Blueberry Farm Experience

Quick Details

Enjoy an amazing experience in a blueberry farm around Lisbon

Loures (30 min from Lisbon)

What is included:

  • Arrival at the farm and welcome by the farmer
  • Guided tour of the farm
  • Workshop about blueberry production
  • Harvesting experience
  • Tasting blueberries and homemade jam

Minimum party of two required to book

Our producer

Our blueberry farm came from a desire of our farmer to do something different from the previous activity; they wanted to do a different project more linked to nature.

They chose blueberries for their commercial value and for all medicinal and nutritional properties, and also for being a culture that did not yet exist in the Lisbon District.

Farm history

After one year searching for land, they found in Vila Franca do Rosário a plot of 3 hectares that seemed ideal for the production of blueberries. In the farm, there are seven species of blueberries with production from April to September.

At this moment, they have about 1 hectare in production and still have this year to increase production by another hectare and diversify the production with raspberries and blackberries.