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The Boat Farm Experience

Quick Details

Visit a fruit and vegetable farm by boat

Vila Franca de Xira (20 min from Lisbon)

What is included:

  • Arrival to the farm and welcome by the producer
  • Guided tour of the farm
  • Harvesting experience with vegetables or seasonal fruit
  • Tasting with wine, sausages and traditional sweets

Minimum party of eight required to book. If you’re a smaller party, please contact us.

Our Producer
With great work and dedication, our producer grows varied crops in 100 hectares of land, from corn, vegetables, peanuts, and grapes among others and even raises horses! This is, in fact, an unusual property, right next to the river Tejo. Come and visit a practically unknown paradise in Ribatejo.

River Tourism
Our partnership began with the purchase of a 12-meter boat which carries 40 passengers. It is a traditional craft of the Tejo River, and in its heyday was used to transport fish from the coast to the fish markets upriver. It has been completely restored and adapted for sightseeing.

Tejo River

It’s the longest waterway of the Iberian Peninsula. It rises in the Sierra de Albarracín in Spain at a point about 150 km from the Mediterranean coast, and flows westward across Spain and Portugal for 1,0007 km, to empty into the Atlantic Ocean near Lisbon. Its drainage basin of 81,600 square km is only exceeded on the peninsula by that of the Ebro River, to the northeast.

Come tour the beautiful Tejo River by boat and enjoy a true Portuguese farm experience. Reserve your tickets online.