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Wine Tasting in a 19th-Century Winery

Quick Details

Discover a Portugal winery and take the best wine tasting tour

Discover a Portugal vineyard and enjoy the best wine tasting in Lisbon on this fun wine tour in Bombarral (45 minutes from Lisbon).

What is included:

  • Arrival at the winery and welcome by the producer
  • Visit the vineyards
  • Visit the old distillery
  • Visit the pressing room and 1871 winepresses
  • Visit the aging cellar of liquor wines and brandies with 36 barrels
  • Taste seven different wines

Our producer

This is one of the most prestigious farms, producing wines in the hands of the same family for four generations. The farm goal is to modernize, innovate, and to meet the standards of the most demanding consumer. The farm has undergone modernization over the past few years: vines were re-established based on traditional varieties as well as new varieties to meet market demand.

You arrive at the winery farm and we introduce you the producer. She tells you the story of the farm, and we go walk to the vineyards and to the 19th-century gardens around the family house. We visit an old distillery that was in use until 1970, producing brandies and grappa. After, we visit a pressing-room with stone and wood manual winepresses dated to 1871. This is an authentic experience, and you get to visit an aging cellar of liquor wines and brandies with 36 barrels, and you taste seven different wines. The vineyards are planted on gentle slopes of sandy-clay soils.