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Cheese Making Classes

Quick Details

Enjoy a cheese making class and taste Portuguese cheese.

Learn about cheese making and taste delicious cheeses in Povolide (30 minutes from Viseu)!

What is included:

  • Arrival at the farm and welcome by the producer
  • Workshop: cheese making process
  • Visit the cardo field
  • Coffee break and tasting of traditional products
  • Workshop: curd production
  • Walking tour
  • Lunch at the farm (cheeses, smoked, corn bread, wine, water, vegetable soup, duck rice – lafões, hazelnut cake, fruits, and coffee)

Minimum party of two required to book

Our Producer

Inserted in the demarcated area of Serra da Estrela cheese production, our farm produces curried sheep cheese, cottage cheese, goat cheese, and mix cheese.

For the process of the cheese, our farmers use a cynara cardunculus plant, commonly known as cardo — a natural cocktail of the traditional recipe of Serra da Estrela cheese.

The coagulant of plant origin results from the mixture of ground plant and sea salt. Being raw milk, it contains the microorganisms that are necessary for the fermentation of the cheese.