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Honey Hunt Experience

Starting at €69 | 6 Hours | Parties of 2 to 8 | Coruche

Quick Details

Adult (13+ years)
Child (6-12 years)
Young Child (0-5 years)

Enjoy a Honey Hunt and Honey Tasting close to Coruche!

Honey Hunt is a tour that offers participants the opportunity to explore the fascinating world of bees and their hives. This activity offers a modern interpretation of the centuries-old art of collecting honey, highlighting the hard work and skill required to obtain this sweet and flavorful food. The honey hunting adventure is an exciting and delightful activity, but it also involves some risks. It is important to follow certain safety procedures to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

The expedition begins with an introduction to the necessary protective equipment and safety rules to be followed during the visit. Participants are then taken to an area where the hives are located.

Upon arriving close to the hives, participants have the opportunity to observe the bees in action, while the guide explains in detail how the harvest works, giving them the opportunity to have practical experience, handling honeycomb frames and even collecting fresh honey. directly from the hives. After collecting the honey, it’s time to transport it safely to the extraction house and proceed with its extraction:

Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to taste the hive’s products and experience different flavors and aromas, accompanied by aromatic plant infusions.

What is included:

  • Arrival at the farm and welcome by the farmer
  • Guided tour of the farm
  • Workshop about hives
  • Visit the apiary (with bee suit)
  • Practical experience
  • Collecting fresh honey
  • Honey extraction
  • Honey tasting and aromatic plant infusions

What is not included:

  • Transportation

After booking, we will send all the details of the reservation, as well as the location of the farm and the contact of the producer.

If you wish to propose another day or time for the experience, send us a message at and we will do our best to reschedule, or we can include one more experience for all day.


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Wonderful experience! Ana Ferreira

A huge thank you to Edite and Luís for the wonderful experience they provided us, our first approach to beekeeping could not have been better🤩. It was a pleasure to get to know your space, learn from you about the life of bees (your sharing was fantastic!! immense wisdom), try the farm's fabulous natural products (that mead, that honeycomb!👌👌👌) and of course, being able to meeting two such helpful and friendly people. We hope to return again one day soon, thank you very much for your warm welcome and best wishes for happiness and success, may your little bees be very healthy and busy😊. Kisses, Ana&Hugo.

bee tour Lisbon
We learned so much! Elsa Silva

It was a wonderful experience, a day well spent! We almost felt like we had gone on a retreat. The peace of the place, the buzzing of the bees, the taste of delicious honey, the friendliness of Edite and Hernani who welcomed us like family made the experience remarkable. FABULOUS! We went as a family, with our 4 year old son and the attention, friendliness and care they gave us was phenomenal. Our son LOVED it. They are people who genuinely love what they do and are able to convey that pleasure to us. We learned so much! We are very grateful.

A unique experience! Duarte Loureiro Borges

A unique experience that not only makes us discover the magical and impressive world of bees but also makes us aware of how the climate impacts caused by us are damaging our planet. It is a relevant, unique and important experience told by Edite, to whom we are very grateful for her mission and the morning she gave us! Thank you for being an excellent host and thank you for the mission you committed to with this magical place.

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