Craft Beer Experience

25,00 €  

Want to learn all the processes associated with the production of homemade beer? Come and experience new and unique aromas and flavors.

Location: Lisbon / Sintra

Duration: 3-4 hours   Number of persons: 8 to 15 people

Our experience will include:

  • Arrival to the production and welcome by the producer
  • Practical brewery workshop
  • Homemade beer tasting


  • Lunch in typical restaurant
  • Transportation from Lisbon :

    1 un = 1 transportation - 2 - 4 persons
    2 un = 1 transportation - 5 - 8 persons
    3 un = 2 transportation - 9 - 16 persons
    4 un = 3 transportation - 17 -20 persons

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Our producer
Our producer became a universal brand for homemade beer, when he began to realize the acceptance of his product, having begun to take "fun" seriously. If producing a basic beer is a matter of following the recipe, creating drinks with peculiar characteristics and establishing some standard, it becomes a great challenge. In this way and in addition to the fun, the success of our producer obtained with a homemade label, i may mean a change of hobby for a possible future profession.

The beer
Craft beer is completely different from the mass produced commercial beers. By definition, craft beer is regarded as a specialty beer, brewed in reduced quantities by smaller scale brewing operations. Now, that is merely a textbook definition. What tat definition actually implies is that the beer is only produced in smaller quantities because it´s given more attention and care than the large commercial beers. Undeniably, the difference in quality is immediately recognizable when you compare craft beer to mass produced lagers.

The process
It´s incredibly basic when you break the brewing process down, and you could feasibly brew beer with things you have in your kitchen right this very moment. The reason people buy brewing kits is because they contain small additional equipment that makes the entire much easier to perform, and everything is sized appropriately for a smaller batch of beer. The two main components of brewing are the boil and the fermentation stage. 

Reservations / information:

Real Experiences with Real Farmers from Campónio Experiences on Vimeo.

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