The Winemaker Experience: Algarve Wine Tasting & Workshop

Quick Details

Discover the Algarve vineyard and how to make your own wine

Enjoy a wine tasting tour in Lagoa (20 min from Lagos)! Discover the Algarve vineyard and how to make your own wine.

During the Bottle-Blending Workshop, you:

  • Learn about our full production cycle, from the field to the bottle.
  • See behind the scenes into our cellar, including the off-limits area where our barrels are used to age the wine.
  • Experience a narrated barrel tasting of our top mono-varieties.
  • Learn the sensory evaluation skills taught by our winemaker.
  • Learn to analyze different varieties and blend them into different combinations.
  • Blend, bottle, cork, and seal your very own wine creation.

During the workshop, each participant has:

  • An individual set of blending equipment
  • Fresh local bread and still water to cleanse your palate
  • Blending sheets to note down the progress

At the end of the workshop, you walk away with:

  • A much deeper understanding and appreciation of the art as well as technique that goes into blending premium wine
  • A bottle of your very own creation, with a customizable label and a cork sealed with traditional wax