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Walking with Goats & Cheese Experience

Starting at €44 | 4 hours | Parties of 2 to 20 | Mendiga (Leiria)

Quick Details

Adult & Child Ages 13 & Older
Child Ages 04 to 12
Young Child Ages 03 & Younger

Do you want to learn how to make goat cheese?

We will share our passion with you, starting by meeting the goats, what they call it, what the favorite food is, their customs, and their personality. We’ll start with milking and then we will show you the whole process of making artisanal cheese from the milk, almost organic, the respective herd and with the characteristic taste of the mountainous landscapes.

Tasting with cheese, milk honey and bread. All homemade. This meal will be in group, featuring the members of the group and explaining the main activities going on during the experience. We will continue with the herd in a magnificent mountain range (aire mountain and lamps) with wonderful landscapes. Along the herding of the herd we will find landscapes of unique beauty.

To finish in beauty, we will take a walk through the village, and you can have coffee at one of the local cafes. If the group wants, you can arrange a lunch.

If you want, we can reference local accommodations so that I can complete your trip and get to know a little more about the region.

What is included:

  • Welcome to the farm
  • Walking to meeting the goats
  • Milking experience and workshop of making artisanal cheese
  • Tasting of cheeses and goat milk products
  • Walking tour through the village

What is not included:

  • Transportation to the farm

After booking we will send all the details of the reservation.

If you wish to propose another day or time for the experience, send us a message: and we will do our best to reschedule, or we can include one more experience for all day.


goat cheese tour
My favorite experience! Alexander Calderon

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Portugal 3 times and this is one of my favorite experiences by far. We learn so much about the land, her goats and the goat cheese process. We hiked through the beautiful mountain side with her goats, milked them, fed them, and finished the experience at her home. There we tried her different cheeses (delicious) fresh goats milk, bread, and different homemade marmalades. The farmer showed us how to make soft goat cheese from beginning to end. Such a cool process. I would do this experience over and over again. She is lovely and it’s an incredible insight to what it’s like to live like a local in the mountains.

Fresh Goat Cheese Making Experience
We enjoyed everything! Sónia Matias

We enjoyed everything and had a great time as a group in the company of goats. We were apprehensive that the goats could be stressed because we were a group, but everything went well, the bravest could even give them "parties" and some food. We enjoyed taking the mountain route, to see the goats by hand, the snack that was prepared with a lot of love and affection by D. Umbelina, especially to eat the cheese. We enjoyed looking at the steps of making goat cheese from the beginning to the packing. We highlighted D.Umbelina's friendliness to us and felt like coming back next year. On behalf of the whole group thank you very much

Goat Cheese Making Experience
Very interesting experience! Paulo Jorge

Very interesting experience, very friendly host and beautiful location with the goats grazing in the middle of the thousand-year-old olive trees, all in a listed park.