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Madeira Beekeeping Experience

Starting at €99 | 3.5 Hours | Parties of 2 to 4 | Santo António da Serra

Quick Details

Adult (13+ years)
Child (02-12 years)
Young Child (0-02 years)

Enjoy a Beekeeping Experience in Madeira Island!

We are passionate about the bee world. We believe in them as incredible living creatures that contribute on a wide scale to the balance and biodiversity of the planet Earth. For that reason we want to offer an experience where people have the opportunity to explore and experience a little bit about the life of bees in a beehive.

We want people to feel the incredible magic of being with the bees in their habitat. This is a passionate experience while being sensitive to the habits that promote the well-being of bees on our planet.

Top-notch protective equipment will be provided so that people can make the most of this experience without fear of being stung.

What is included:

  • Reception to customers in which we will take a brief exhibition on: the operation of a hive and we will talk about the importance of bees in the ecosystem ;
  • Then, we will visit the beehives at which time we will describe and show how the beehive is arranged. We’ll show you the different types of bees and try to show you the queen bee;
  • It will be a time when customers can touch the bees and their honey boards;
  • Lastly we will offer a tasting of various media, cheeses, wine, smiles and conversation!

What is not included:

  • Transportation to the farm

After booking we will send all the details of the reservation.

If you wish to propose another day or time for the experience, send us a message: and we will do our best to reschedule, or we can include one more experience for all day.


madeira beekeeping tour
Fabulous experience! Alexander S.

The beekeeping experience tour was fantastic. Our hosts, were so welcoming and an eager to share their extensive knowledge about the buzzing world of bees. The tour began with an informative session where Marcia and Elder introduced us to the different species of bees. They delved into the intricacies of the hive, explaining the three types of bees: the worker, the drone, and the all-important queen. Their passion was evident as they spoke about the products of the hive—pollen, nectar, honey, royal jelly, and propolis. Safety was a top priority, and we were provided with bee suits that made us feel completely secure as we approached the hives. Dressed in our protective gear, we were given the thrilling opportunity to hold the frames from the hive. The search for the queen bee was like a treasure hunt, with the added excitement of being surrounded by the gentle hum of the busy workers. The hands-on experience was enhanced by Márcia's photography, creating lasting memories of our close encounters with the hives. After our adventure among the hives, we returned to Marcia and Elder’s home, where they hosted a generous and delicious lunch. The meal felt like a celebration of the day’s discoveries and the newfound appreciation we all had for the world of beekeeping. In summary, this beekeeping experience tour was educational, safe, and incredibly enjoyable. Márcia and Elder’s expertise and hospitality made it an unforgettable journey into the life of bees. Highly recommended for anyone curious about these remarkable insects and the art of beekeeping.

madeira beekeeping tour
What an incredible! Kristin P.

What an incredible, one of a kind experience! Márcia and her husband are so warm, accommodating, and inclusive. We had a wonderful time learning about bees and what they do as beekeepers. Interacting with the hives was amazing. They served a delicious spread of food and drinks and we chatted and got to know them and the other people on the tour. I felt very welcome. They also took great photos and videos of our experience. A must-see in Madeira!

madeira beekeeping tour
Wonderful experience! Agata N.

This full immersion experience was truly one of a kind. We were warmly welcomed and felt safe and comfortable the whole time. Learning about the bees and their incredible importance to the well being of our planet was truly an eye opener. It is great knowing there are people like Marcia and Helder advocating for and protecting this fragile ecosystem. We are privileged to have met them.