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Bee Camp in Lisbon

Starting at €215 | 2 Days | Parties of 2 to 10 | Loures

Quick Details

Adult & Children (Ages 11 & Older)

Discover the Bee Camp in Portugal

Unravel the secret life of honey bees at a family’s farm.

We’ll be putting on a bee suit and get to see working hives up close. You’ll be tasting different honey varieties and making honey cookies. In the evening we’ll watch an outdoor movie and after that we’ll do a night visit to the bees! You’ll sleep in suspended trees in the woods of the property. The next day we’ll do a gentle yoga class and bee breath meditation.

All our meals will be home made with ingredients grown fresh in our organic garden.

What is included:

Day 1:

Be A Beekeeper!

  • We’ll put on bee suits and gloves and walk over to the apiary. You can hold frames covered with bees. We’ll see nectar stored and pollen in different colors. We’ll identify Drones, Workers, Brood and… the Queen Bee! Then we’ll walk to a another apiary with strong hives that have an abundance of worker bees and we’ll watch their busy activity on the landing board with bees guarding, cleaning, collecting nectar and pollen. We’ll have lunch made with ingredients grown fresh in our organic garden and in the end we’ll taste different types of honey.

Making honey cookies and hang out

  • We´ll give you a tour of our land and farm, introduce you to the farm’s history and see all the different animals. After that, we’ll make honey cookies from scratch. We’ll collect farm-fresh eggs from the chicken coop to make our cookies. And with Cristina’s help, our in house chef, we’ll follow our fun and creative recipe.

Dinner and movie outdoors

  • After relaxing and watching an amazing sunset, we’ll be making chouriço bread in the wood stove and enjoy a traditional and delicious Portuguese soup, caldo-verde, made with ingredients that we collected previously from the vegetal garden. And then… it’s time for an outdoor movie night! We’ll project a movie on the side of the main house. We’ll sit on bean bags or lie in a blanket and pillows, however you’re feel more comfortable with, and watch a movie about bees.

Hive-Bee visit at night

  • Time for a very special visit to the bees. We’ll be visiting them at night! We don’t need any bee suits and we can watch them up close. We can see the bee guards changing shifts at the door, they’re very calm at night.

Sleep in Tree Tents

  • We’ll be sleeping suspended in mid-air! These “portable treehouses” are strapped to three trees and enable you to sleep in comfort up among the trees and no flowers get damaged. Each tent has a hammock beneath for you to relax on. And when we wake up we’ll have an amazing breakfast waiting for us in the morning.

Day 2:

Yoga Class and Breakfast

  • We’ll wake up to a yoga gentle class and bee breath meditation and we’ll finish up with a delicious breakfast made by Cristina, our in house chef! All the food served over the adventure is made with the ingredients grown fresh in our organic farm.

After booking we will send all the details of the reservation.

If you wish to propose another day or time for the experience, send us a message: [email protected] and we will do our best to reschedule, or we can include one more experience for all day.